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A modern world needs modern concepts and they are sometimes amazingly simple

28 years of experience in directing feature films and a master degree in psychology with the additional subject of computer science, lays the foundation for modern sustainable concepts.

Whether it is full-length feature films, precisely developed image films or holistic concepts for pioneering Internet platforms, it always takes a creativity that draws from the combination of various disciplines. The modern media landscape and computer science form two poles between which the psychology of a modern industrial society takes place. This is the context in which I act and working on intelligent and interesting advanced solutions.

Thomas Hezel Digitalisierung Webdesign Regisseur

My contact details:

Thomas Hezel
Bayerische Strasse 27
10707 Berlin

Mobile: +49-172-9423531
Landline: +49-30-785 92 79

I'm the director of ", a digital and advertising agency with a lot of experience in film production and web development. is our partner agency and provides modern designs and everything connected to print.

You can find more about me with the help of all search engines and also at .


Here you will find the filmography of Thomas Hezel

Film Projects

After a quarter of a century as a television and film director, I am now on the road with in the field of film, mainly for image films and documentaries around the globe.

Due to the long-standing cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the film work in recent years has concentrated mainly on the areas of Sub-Saharan Africa and West Africa. The logistics and preparations with the corresponding filming and work permits are not always trivial. You have to know how to get the very expensive film equipment through customs, and in case of doubt, a larger military escort is the only way to secure the filming and the staff.

Together with my experienced team we have been so far to the following countries: Senegal, Niger, Ghana, DRC Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa.

In Namibia, we now have a small storage with film equipment to make transport easier.

Advertising Films

I am currently shooting commercials and image films for medium-sized companies, clinics and doctors, with a few exceptions, all in Germany.

TYPO3 web programming

Compared to WordPress, TYPO3 is a very complex, but also a very well-structured and flexible content management system for web development. I am a member of the TYPO3 Association and, together with my colleagues, ready for even the most complex tasks.

Consulting Digitalisation

Is Germany left behind? No, it's just that most of the time it doesn't recognise its potential and lacks the overarching guiding structures for digitisation that can keep up with the big players in the long term. The focus is always on dynamic personalised data sets and algorithms that turn the constantly adapting data into intelligent services. My main concern is the democratic handling of people's data. It seems that no one has yet seriously flogged this idea, not even in open source projects. This is a gap in the market and a guiding principle for the platform development of large corporations and hopeful start-ups. With the DAAD's DIGIFACE platform, we are pursuing precisely this approach. The basic idea and the platform structure have been developed entirely by me as an external consultant, the design is by zazudesign. The project management is in the hands of Prof. Dr. Eisenberg from Kehl University of Applied Sciences. Other consulting clients are Mercedes-Benz Global Training, Rheinmetall Automotive and Synchronize Consulting.

Over and Above

Job Offer

TYPO3 Programmer wanted

We are looking at our Berlin and the Black Forest Branch for TYPO3 programmers who would like to work on a freelance basis with us. We work responsive on all new projects and develop customized solutions for our customers based on our own framework. SEO optimized code, compliance with the essential requirements of Google and as little superfluous code are important for us. The form always follows the function. With the help of "Dynamic Content Elements - DCE" we are building currently an agency stock of responsive standard modules.

Creative input, the joy of discovering new areas and perhaps the passion for the beauty of simplicity are welcome.